EATON - Model 50 Duplex Liquid Strainer

The Eaton Butterfly Valve Type Model 50 Duplex Basket Strainer is a special design with several important features and advantages for large size pipelines with high flow rates.

Flow is switched from one basket chamber to the other by a pair of synchronized, high quality butterfly valves. This replaces the diverter plug used on smaller size strainers and gives a straight flow pattern with no sudden changes in flow direction. The result is a very low pressure loss. A 10˝ strainer of this type, for example, can handle 2000 gpm of water with a pressure drop on only 2 psi. This is the strainer to choose when you have a high flow rate application and a low pressure loss is critical.

Another important benefit of this new design is a saving in overall size. It is more compact than other large size duplex strainers – which means less weight and a smaller profile. This can be very important when space requirements are tight.

This design also uses a new, unique basket design concept which incorporates a larger screening area. This is done by convoluting (pleating) the perforated sheet in the strainer basket, thus increasing the available screening area while reducing the total basket size. The flow enters the basket from the side, not the top – resulting in a straight-through flow pattern. What all this means in service is a lower pressure drop and greater time between basket cleanings than would be possible with standard-design baskets…a real savings in time and operating costs.

The butterfly valve assembly used to divert the flow from one basket chamber to the other is balanced so a minimum of effort is needed to switch the flow. There is a single handwheel operator, and it can be located on either side of the strainer if accessibility is a problem. There is an arrow on the top of the gear housing that indicates which basket chamber is in service and which is ready for cleaning.

Quick opening covers make strainer basket changing or cleaning quick and easy. No tools or lifting gear are required to open them. This is a feature not often found on strainers of these larger sizes. If your strainer application is for larger size pipelines with high flow rates, the Eaton Model 50 Butterfly Valve offers you several unique features and advantages over other large size duplex strainers. Among them are…low pressure loss, operator friendly with quick open covers that don’t require lifting gear, compact design with a smaller footprint than other strainers, and a special basket design to maximize time between basket cleanings. After you’ve investigated all the possibilities, you’ll realize that this large size Eaton Model 50 Duplex Strainer is in a class by itself…and it’s cost effective.

Please refer to PDF brochure for full details and available sizes.